Know Three kinds of motivation that makes human life better


    The Three Main Motivation of Human beings



    •Self Motivation

    Before coming to a detailed discussion on the different realities of life, the next step is to discuss one more word that is very important in understanding life and is prevalent in my further discourses. I have so far clarified words like applied philosophy and true education. This word is ‘motivation’. You might have heard people talk about money motivation esteem motivation and even love motivation. In relation to motivation, I want to point out a very important characteristic of human nature. In every human, the ‘self is very dominating and every human being is very selfish. We are born this way. You can understand and learn why some people are worshipped like God while others are condemned in human society when both the sorts are selfish by nature. I will explain this later, but you have to clearly understand the fact that every human being is very selfish by nature. So, motivation is really required. particularly when you want to get some spec kind of work done or a very difficult kind of task carried out.


    Now let us take an example of a specific task to be completed within a specific time frame and within a budget. The persons concerned are told about the incentive for completing the job as planned. They will be excited by the incentive and will work hard to achieve the target. Human nature is such. However, if the same persons are given a similar target once again, they will expect a larger incentive, for example, 15,000/- instead of 10,000/-, which was given for the same job before. That is human nature again. We need to understand this. When they get 10,000/- they do well. The next time they expect more and the third time, even more. There is no end to this. If this trend were to continue, the company would incur heavy losses as no work would get done without increasing incentives. No company that believes in money-motivation alone has ever prospered. I know about many such companies in India. They had no fiscal discipline and the demand for incentives spiraled out of hand. Money-motivation works only up to a certain limit. Therefore, though I am not totally denying the importance of 14 for Matanzas all the time. I would like to emphasize that if you depend on only money-motivation if your mind and heart focus only on money-motivation, it is not something that could be apps s only on money, you will certainly become weak and develop agreed’ as your nature. st of To conclude, money-motivation is certainly not the be motivations. Similar to Same is the case with esteem and love motivation. Similar money-motivation, a person will have a higher expectation of respect recognition and awards, etc. every time he has to perform this again will have no end. It would create stress at all level, of Management This again, therefore, does not hold permanence.


    Now the question arises whether it is inevitable that a human being needs to be motivated in order to perform some special task. I will give a good example here. What motivation does a mother have to take care of her child so well? I don’t think any manager can match up to a mother’s care of her newly born child. Day and night, she nurtures her child with a smile and full of happiness. The strike is sized but never complains and never whines. Her energy level and will to look after the child devotedly is so strong that no one dle can match up that energy, that strong will, and the consequent result. Nobody can achieve the results the way a mother can. So what kind of motivation does she have: This is what I Wa


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